The African-American Schools of Louisa County
History of the Schools

The Cuckoo District

At the present time, there are no known first-hand accounts or documents pertaining to the Cuckoo District.  We do know that in 1933, several of the school leagues in the Cuckoo District joined the Mt. Garland league in asking the Louisa County School Board to provide transportation to schools for this area.  They were told that public funds were not available.  The leagues in this district combined their efforts and purchased the first school bus used in Louisa County to transport African-American children.  The school Board agreed to share the cost of paying a driver.  To raise the additional funds needed to operate, each child paid 25 cents per month to ride the bus to school.   The early buses used to transport black children were old ones being sold by the school board.  When the buses no longer ran, their bodies were affixed to any sort of truck and benches added to the truck bed for seats. 

Louisa County School Bus 1935

This image is listed as "Broken School Bus in Louisa County. 1935"  From the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Records (Library of Congress)

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