The African-American Schools of Louisa County
Former African-American Schools
in Louisa County, Virginia

Louisa Training School

Teachers of LTS - 1948  Courtesy of Mr. William T. Holmes

The following description is taken from Mrs. Zelda Morton's account written in 1949.   Courtesy of the Louisa Historical Society Archives. 

"The school at the Court House had a small fund for improvements. Learning of the Rosenwald Fund, they began at once to raise funds for a building. By Oct. 1917 every dollar was raised to meet the Rosenwald appropriation. When the School Board met, the people were told it would be a year before the building could be erected. Imagine the discouragement when the time stretched out to 9 years.

"1926 saw the completion of a 5 room Rosenwald building. Before this building was erected, in fact in 1922, with just 3 teachers the principal at Louisa attempted to do some High School work. Nothing was provided, however for High School work until 1929 when Mr. W. D. Gresham and Dr. Dillard secured help and the school was then designate Louisa Training School. It does now 4 years of High School work.

First grade

"Supervisors have worked untiringly trying to improve all conditions of schools in Louisa. The Elementary and High School plant now consists of four buildings and a lunch room. A principal, a supervisor and thirteen teachers make up the faculty, but it is still far from our desires. Our county being wholly agricultural, we feel that some plan for interesting these boys and girls in developing rural communities would be a wonderful asset to the educational program."

Former students of the Louisa Training School have an active Alumni Association which meets twice annually.  The following photos are taken from one of the periodic publications created by the Association.

Elementary building

Louisa Training School

Please help us gather more information about the Louisa Training school.  We are seeking first person narratives, photographs and written accounts about the school.  If you have information to share, please contact the Louisa County Historical Society. Email:

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