The African-American Schools of Louisa County
Former African-American Schools
in Louisa County, Virginia


The Mechanicsville school was built in 1920 and had an enrollment of 93 students in 1948. The study by Paul Behrens in 1948 describes it this way:

“A three-room school that is in fair condition.  The refrigerator and other cafeteria equipment are in the hall between the two front rooms.  Cooking is done in the classroom on the right.  The school has electric lights.  The people of this community have been quite cooperative with school affairs.

The Mechanicsville school has a modern refrigerator, two cupboards, an oil stove and cooking utensils  available to us in preparing hot lunches for the children.  Federal funds assisted in the purchase of the refrigerator and the oil stove.  In several other schools oil stoves are used to heat soup mixtures and other foods to supplement the lunch that the children bring.”

Location: Approx. 1 mile west of Rt. 15 on Rt. 22
Number of rooms: 3
Year Constructed: 1920
Year Closed: 
Building Still Exists: No



Images of the daily schedules for Mechanicsville (printed in Paul Behren's 1948) are available click here.  Used with permission. 


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