The African-American Schools of Louisa County
Former African-American Schools
in Louisa County, Virginia

Mineral RFD

Location: On Rt. 623 (Chopping Road) just south of the intersection with Rt. 613
Number of rooms: 2
Year Constructed: 1941
Year Closed:
Building Still Exists: no

In 1948, the school was owned by the county and had an enrollment of 79 students.  There were 185 usable books in in the library, includiing 20 art and 10 music books.

From: A Survey of Negro Education in Louisa County, Paul Everett Behrens, 1949. University of Virginia Special Collections (Master's Thesis)


4-H children from Mineral RFD

These children were members of the 4-H club from Mineral RFD in 1955.  Photo courtesy of Dr. Christine Thomasson.


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